Article by L Grannum, This Old Workshop

//Article by L Grannum, This Old Workshop

Article by L Grannum, This Old Workshop

Necessity is the root of invention

But is imitation flattery or a calculated risk!

Did you ever come up with a great Idea and wonder how to market it? Well surely if it was a great idea you could sell it to or get royalties on it right? Quickly you run off to get that international and U.S. patent to protect your idea. You think your safe and you go off to show your idea to one of the big boys in the industry. This is what Seumas (James) MacCombie did when he developed the Original Jimmy Jig, James claims that it is the worlds only table saw fence concept that uses a fixed or stationary fence incorporating its own support platform, The distinct advantage of this simple yet brilliant design is that it stays put it will never deviate. James presented his Idea to several companies and he reports they looked it over with great earnest.

The original Jimmy Jig on a Makita saw.

With DeWalt taking the most serious look and then suddenly withdrawing their support for the project nevertheless within only months released their new saw that is clearly a copy of the Jimmy Jig Concept

While DeWalt may have been first to grab up this Idea they were not the only ones Porter Cable and Bosh soon released their copies of this fence concept. Although both of these saws seem to be more of a knock off of the DeWalt saw instead of the original Jimmy Jig Concept.

But as is the case with all copies they lack the necessity that was the root of the original invention. James Reports that his original concept needed to incorporate the ability to enable operators to cut or rip to 4 ft. on center. The copies are limited to a 24 and one half inch to 25-inch capacity. Simply put they don’t measure up.

Now you may find yourself asking how can these big companies do this and feeling sorry for the small guy but I assure you James case is not unique simply said it is unlikely he can afford to litigate this against the big tool companies so like most big business they are willing to take this calculated risk

So who looses well in this editors eyes we all do James is not funded to bring this great concept into full production and the tool companies failed to comprehend the full Jimmy Jig concept their is no telling how many new great ideas we would see if James had more capitol to develop them.

If their is a down side to the Jimmy Jig as it is marketed today it is that it is a shop made jig. One can not simply go to their saw shop and buy it they must get the plans from James. Then they need to review the plans closely as there will be some translation issues (James is from Scotland) Celtic English varies from our own a little. Once you’re through this part the fun part begins and you will have your saw big or small sporting a jimmy Jig in no time.

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